• New Layout Construction

    The Redstone Model Railroad Club is continuing to work on our new layout!

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  • Learn More

    The RMRRC has a rich history going back over 50 years.

    To learn more about the heritage of the Redstone Model Railroad Club, be sure to check out our History page!

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  • New Layout Diagram

    We recently updated our track plan to show provide a more simplied overview of our layout.

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Layout Information

  • Our layout is HO.
  • Control is Digitrax DCC.
  • The layout is a freelanced representation of locations in and around Birmingham, Alabama.
  • The layout has two on-scene classsification yards and two staging yards.
  • The layout has 20+ industries to switch.
  • The layout has a switchback branchline to a coal yard.
  • We have an Operation Session the first Tuesday of the month, as well on the fifth Tuesday when there is one.