• New Layout Construction

    The Redstone Model Railroad Club is continuing to work on our new layout!

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  • Learn More

    The RMRRC has a rich history going back over 50 years.

    To learn more about the heritage of the Redstone Model Railroad Club, be sure to check out our History page!

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  • New Layout Diagram

    We recently updated our track plan to show provide a more simplied overview of our layout.

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Redstone Model Railroad Club

For fifty-four years the Redstone Model Railroad Club has been an active center for model railroading activity in the Huntsville Alabama area.

The club's new HO scale Alabama Tennessee & Northern Railroad covers an area 48' by 20'. Through the years the club has enjoyed accomplishment and dealt with devastation. It has hosted four Southeastern Region (NMRA) conventions and was instrumental in starting Division activity within that region. Our fourth layout is well underway.

Layout Information

  • Our layout is HO.
  • Control is Digitrax DCC.
  • The layout is a freelanced representation of locations in and around Birmingham, Alabama.
  • The layout has two on-scene classsification yards and two staging yards.
  • The layout has 20+ industries to switch.
  • The layout has a switchback branchline to a coal yard.
  • We have an Operation Session the first Tuesday of the month, as well on the fifth Tuesday when there is one.