History (2000-2015)

In the fall of 2003, members voted to consider building a new layout while continuing to perform extensive repairs on our current layout. In the Spring of 2004 the club approved converting the current layout to Digital Command Control. As work continued on the refurbishment of the current layout, more issues were discovered that complicated the refurbishment tasks - the layout was over 25 years old and had endured the extreme temperature cycling during summer months. In the summer of 2004, the club decided to accept layout designs and suggestions from members. A survey was made by member John Hilchey. Using input received from John's survey, layout plans were received from two members, along with suggestions from others. A Layout Committee, chaired by General George Turnmeyer, was appointed to develop a final plan. Layout drawings were submitted by David Kudrav and Julian Berry on September 7, 2004. On October 12, 2004, a concept was approved and final planning by the Layout Committee began.

Left to right, Wally Tabor, Dieter Grethmann, and the late Frank Stebbins discuss layout drawing submitted by David Kudrav. Frank passed away May 4, 2005. Frank was the last surviving charter member of the Redstone Model Railroad Club. He was the driving force behind building the 1978 layout as the club fought to make a comeback after the devastating tornadoes of April 3, 1974. He is very much missed.

On October 12, 2004, the layout drawings were presented to the members for consideration. In this photo, David Kudrav describes his drawing to the membership.

On February 2, 2005, the old layout is a large pile of rubble outside our clubhouse, thanks to the efforts of Wes Savage and Jeff Brewer. At this point, a few building improvements would be planned before any layout construction could begin. Three windows would be blocked in with masonry, the air-conditioner for the west end of the building replaced and extensive rewiring would be required. Some cosmetic work would be needed on the ceiling.

With the backdrop completed and painted along the south and west walls, benchwork has progressed around the two walls and two large peninsulas are taking shape. David Carlton, far right, is working on a section of West peninsula.