History (2016-Present)

In early 2016 Bldg. 3463 was to receive a new floor and the club had to remove everything except the layout from the building and into a temporary storage trailer outside the club.

With the building empty, work began removing the existing floor. The layout was jacked up a couple inches to allow works underneath to install the new floor.

While the building was relatively empty, the club repainted a number of walls that were in dire need of a new look and also renovated the bathroom. Ken and Eric were instrumental in helping complete these renovations.

Having a new floor installed made the inside of the building look much better than before.

With the new floor installed, the club belongings were moved back into the club and the buildings and rolling stock were placed back onto the layout. Fortunately, none of the electrical components were damaged during renovation so operations resumed shortly after moving back in.

Rich and Bob continue work on the front of the layout installing new bridges and applying scenery to the canyon.

The mountain behind one of the yards is starting to come along nicely with ground cover and foilage starting to go down.