Projects & Future Plans

New layout concept approved

At a special meeting in October 12, 2004, drawings for a new layout were presented for consideration. The The drawings were based on surveys, made previously by John Hilchey. The membership approved a concept to be developed by the Layout Committee, chaired by George Turnmeyer.

Old Layout dismantled

With a concept approved and the design of the new layout well under way, the old layout was dismantled by Wes Savage and Jeff Brewer. On Saturday, January 29, 2005 debris that was the old layout is stacked outside our club house.

Building Renovation and New Layout Construction Begins!

Construction work on the building renovation was slow going but by September, 2005, the three windows had been blocked up and rewiring was well under way. Julian Berry, left center, is installing furring strips along the south wall for the new backdrop, with assistance from David Kudrav, far left.

By September, 2006, most of the building renovation had been completed and the decision had been made to use ¼" sheetrock, applied against a hardboard backing. Matching ¼" Flexboard was used in the corners, bent to a 30" radius. David Carlton, left, is mounting the final piece of sheetrock on the south wall as Julian Berry mud's in the curved flexboard.

Still more building renovation was being done in July of 2007. The remnants of a center wall concealed electrical conduit for heating and service outlets across the room. Left to right, Andy McLean, Mike Petersen, and David Kudrav are removing the old beam and will replace it with a new covering.

With the track plan completed and interior building renovations complete, the benchwork is starting to take shape. Here, Andy McLean works on bracing beneath large west peninsula.

Benchwork construction continues as Julian Berry and Andy McLean cut wood for legs and bracing.

With the backdrop completed and painted along the south and west walls, benchwork has progressed around the two walls and two large peninsulas are taking shape. David Carlton, far right, is working on a section of West peninsula.. The north Birmingham peninsula benchwork has been attached to the south wall benchwork, with more bracing to do. As the benchwork fills the room, workspace is becoming more crowded.

The north Birmingham peninsula benchwork has been attached to the south wall benchwork, with more bracing to do. We will be trying a new concept in cutting out the roadbed. Precise registration of the bench is critical.

From the east end of the building, this is an overall view of the new benchwork. Once the west peninsula has been positioned, north wall benchwork will begin.