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Model Railroading

National Model Railroad Association

The guiding light for the model railroading hobby. The NMRA's Standards and Recommended Practices have elevated the quality of models, their performance, and detail with an accent on realism and reliable operation. Through its Achievement Program, the NMRA encourages quality of excellence and the personal satisfaction of accomplishment. Visit the NMRA web site and learn more.

Southeastern Region - NMRA

The Southeastern Region (SER) of the National Model Railroad Association is divided into fifteen divisions to ensure that its members can share the passion of model railroading with others near them. The Region covers the States of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, a portion of the panhandle of Florida, and the Asheville area of North Carolina. If you live within the defined area, please visit the SER web site to learn more about this region of the NMRA that represents your area.

Southeastern Region's Mid-South Division

The Southeastern Region's Mid-South Division serves railroad modelers, train fans, and railroad history buffs of the past and present era, along with a special interest in the major and short line railroads of North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. The Division has been around a number of years and has survived only by the gallant efforts of past Presidents and Division Superintendents. The Division's current Superintendent is Mr. Thomas E. Bailey of Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Saint Louis and San Francisco Railway Pages

This site is dedicated to the history of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway (Frisco), from June 29, 1876 to November 21, 1980, when the railroad was merged into the Burlington Northern Railroad. Residing on this web site is the Frisco Modelers Information Group (FMIG), a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the NMRA, founded in June 1976. It is an informal organization of model railroaders who model the Frisco Railway. This web site is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Frisco Railway related material.

World's Greatest Hobby

If you are new to the hobby of model railroading this is a great place to learn more about our hobby or to find assistance with a project. If you are an experienced modeler, why not volunteer your knowledge and expertise and assist promote the World's Greatest Hobby.

Coastal Rail Buffs

"Savannah in miniature!" is a frequent comment from visitors to the Coastal Rail Buffs model railroad layout. The club is located in the historic Historic Railroad Shops, home of the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Located just off Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, one block south of the Savannah Visitors Center.

Sun City Center Model Railroad Club

The Sun City Center Model Railroad Club operates the Sun City Central Railroad, an HO scale modular layout. The club installed Digital Command Control (DCC) on their layout in 2000. The club has a very nice web site with numerous links to DCC information.

Mid-South Live Steamers

The Mid-South Live Steamers has pioneered the live steam hobby in the southeast. Since 1967 they have evolved into a very successful group that operates over two miles of railroad located on the grounds of Maury Park in Columbia, TN. They host Spring, Summer, and Fall meets that draw nationwide participation.

Rensselaer Model Railroad Society

Founded in 1947, the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society is located on the campus of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. This is a very mature organization with a very well developed layout. It is open to the public on a regular basis.

Slim Rails

Rick Blanchard has assembled a comprehensive resource on narrow gauge railroads in the U.S. Information includes the Southern Pacific's Carson & Colorado, D&RGW's Durango and Silverton, the ET&WNC, and East Broad Top railroads. There are scores of narrow gauge links as well as modeling information.

Railroad Museums and Historical Societies

National Railway Historical Society

Founded in 1935 the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) has grown to nearly 18,000 members and is supported by more than 175 affiliated Chapters throughout the United States. The NRHS is dedicated to the preservation of railroad artifacts and supports restoration efforts with their Railway Heritage Grants. Their National Railway Bulletin, published 6 time per year, is filled with Chapter events and history related features.

North Alabama Railroad Museum

The North Alabama Railroad Museum (NARM) is located in historic Chase, only minutes from downtown Huntsville, Alabama. The museum has a growing collection of historic artifacts and a five mile railroad. Train rides are available on scheduled Saturdays between April and November. Please visit NARM's Web site by clicking on the icon to the left.

Monticello Railway Museum

The Monticello Railway Museum is located off Interstate 72 in Monticello, IL. It's about twenty miles southeast of Champaign. This active museum has an enviable collection of railroad artifacts and operates a three and one-half mile railroad into the town of Monticello.

Southern Railway Historical Association

The Southern Railway Historical Association, Inc. (SRHA) is a nonprofit educational/historical organization whose purpose is the preservation and dissemination of information related to the Southern Railway, it's predecessors and affiliates. Their mission is to Preserve the History of the Southern Railway. The SRHA's quality bimonthly publication, Ties, contains a wealth of Southern Railway information.

Tennessee Central Railway Museum

The Tennessee Central Railway Museum is dedicated to the preservation and operation of railroad equipment in Tennessee. It operates passenger excursions in the central Tennessee area, providing a unique opportunity for passengers to experience rail travel. A growing collection of historic equipment is under development to preserve our rail heritage.

Reflections of the ET&WNC

Chris Ford has an impressive collection of photos of the area through which the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad served. Affectionately called the Tweetsy, it is a classic example of narrow gauge mountain railroading.

Little River Railroad and Logging Company Museum

The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1982 to preserve the heritage of the the Little River Lumber Company and the Little River Railroad. They operate the museum in Townsend, Tennessee, collecting, preserving and exhibiting the history of these companies, and of the people in that region. This site is a very good resource and has a growing collection of historic photographs and historical data.

The B&O Railroad Museum

Founded in 1953 by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad this museum reflects the history of that railroad through wisely preserved artifacts that include equipment and structures. The B&O Railroad Museum is a unique organization that now encompasses the history of railroads in the mid-Atlantic region. Visit the B&O Railroad Museum, "The birthplace of American Railroading".

Southeastern Railway Museum

Located on a 30 acre site in Duluth, GA, The Southeastern Railroad Museum has garnered an impressive collection of railroad artifacts that include numerous steam and diesel locomotives, passenger equipment, as well as other exhibits. To find out more, visit this growing museum.

California State Railroad Museum

The California State Railroad Museum is widely regarded as North America's finest, and the world's most-visited, railroad museum. It features a comprehensive collection of artifacts and chronicles the history of railroads that helped forge the state's growth and bustling economy. The museum also operates the Sacramento Southern Railroad. Their Web page is well developed and worth the visit.

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum is committed to the restoration, preservation, interpretation and operation of the Nevada Northern Railway historic facilities, yards, and rail collection. This is truly an operating museum dedicated to the Historic Nevada Northern Railway and very much worth a visit to their Web site.

Colorado Railroad Museum

Recognized as one of the best privately supported railroad museums in the United States, the Colorado Railroad Museum features over 70 historic narrow and standard gauge locomotives and cars exhibited on 15 acres at the foot of North Table Mountain, near Golden, Colorado. This is a well organized Web site and the museum is a recommended must see if you visit the Denver area.

Interesting Railroad Sites

Birmingham Rails

The Birmingham Rails is about railroads and industries in and around Birmingham, Alabama. This web site shares the author's interests in railroads, history of technology, and his perception that there's a lot of great railroad history and activity in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks to its author, John Stewart, his web site has evolved into a wealth of historical information about the South's largest industrial district.


This is a great resource for those who travel and like to include railfanning. Guided tours of railfan sites in almost every state can be found here.